The London Credit Fund, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, continues to demonstrate a strong upward trend in its performance. In the second quarter of 2023, the Fund once again exceeded its annual performance targets across all currencies, delivering exceptional returns to its investors.

During Q2 2023, the London Credit Fund distributed dividends of £14.57 per unit for Class A shares, $15.13 per unit for Class C shares, and €10.94 per unit for Class E shares. These dividends highlight the Fund’s commitment to generating substantial returns for its investors across various classes.

The Fund’s outstanding performance in Q2 2023 surpassed its annual performance targets, reinforcing its position as a reliable and profitable investment option. Unitholders enjoyed an annualized return for the quarter of 6.20% in sterling, surpassing the 5% target. Euro unitholders experienced an annualized return for the quarter of 4.48%, exceeding the 4% target, while dollar unitholders experienced an annualized return for the quarter of 6.04%, surpassing the 5% target.

The Fund caters to a diverse range of investors, with the breakdown of Investor Categories as follows: 56% High Net Worth Individuals, 18% Companies, 19% Provident/Pension Funds, and 7% Banks and Insurance Companies. This diversified investor base contributes to the Fund’s stability and resilience.

The London Credit Fund’s remarkable performance in Q2 2023 reaffirms its position as a leading investment opportunity. With consistent returns, diverse investor categories, and a robust management structure, the Fund continues to provide stability and lucrative returns for investors seeking a secure and profitable avenue for their investments.