We are delighted to present the performance of the London Credit Fund during the third quarter of this year. Throughout this period, the Fund’s consistent dividend yields underscore its commitment to providing investors with rewarding and dependable investment results.

In Q3 2023, the London Credit Fund delivered the following annualized returns:

  • 6.37% for sterling unitholders
  • 5.38% for dollar unitholders
  • 4.47% for euro unitholders

London Credit Fund deserves the attention of any well informed and professional investor due to its comparative advantages and the benefits it has to offer. This has already been proven by the fact that our LCF has been exceeding its annualized target return of 4% p.a. since its inception in February 2021.

Investors can look forward to quarterly distributions, providing them with a consistent income stream. The fund’s minimum investment requirement is set at €125,000, with a minimum investment term of 12 months. Its diverse investor base comprises high net worth individuals, corporations, provident funds, insurance companies, and banks.

With a proven track record, the London Credit Fund offers stability, security, and diversification for investors seeking profitable investments.

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