The MSCI results are now available, and Consulco’s London commercial real estate portfolio has outperformed the Greater London Retail property market in all time frames over 3, 5 & 10 years, achieving a 7.5% total return per annum since inception.

Mr. Marios Hajiroussos, Managing Director of Consulco Group, commented ‘’the last three years have been difficult for UK real estate due to Brexit and Covid-19, so it was particularly pleasing to note that our portfolio impressively out-performed the benchmark, by an absolute return of 4.24% per annum. With us, investing is all about results.”

Consulco’s performance has been ascertained by MSCI, the leading provider of market data and indices, across all asset classes.  Its dataset represents $2tn in private real estate assets across 30 countries, stretching back almost 20 years, and over $450bn in publicly listed real estate, representing more than 170 listed companies – or private companies with public vehicles – predominately in the UK, EMEA and APAC.

As commented by Evdokia Georgiou, Financial Controller “Risk Management is of the utmost importance to the Group’s strategic management. Monitoring and managing closely the Group’s risk exposure facilitates its ability to timely identify and substantially mitigate the main risks associated with its real estate activity such us market, fraud, liquidity, development, credit and tenant risk.”

David King, Director of Consulco Real Estate, added “By concentrating on busy commercial thoroughfares in prime London villages, our portfolio weathered the Covid-19 storm particularly well and remains in a strong position to keep being on top of the game as the economy recovers.” 

Consulco has been providing its performance data to MSCI since 2010, allowing MSCI to provide absolute and comparative performance figures over the short, medium- and long-term periods, outperforming the benchmark during the last 11 years, since inception.

On this aspect Mr. Michael Tannousis, Director of Investment Services, said “Any well-informed and sophisticated investor who has already invested or plans to participate in any of Consulco’s UK funds will find comfort and assurance in our consistently excellent investing track record, as validated once more by MSCI. “